Maker Series: Artisanal Firewood – This Is That – YouTube

This fantastic satirical video perfectly shows, why we created our guitar library. Composers can quickly sketch and layout these sort of background bads, that are being used in lots of showcase videos.

Rock on: What do machines sing of? on Vimeo

Please read the whole story about this art installation on Martin Backes’ website.

These guys are great!! Daft Punk BBC Radio1 Minimix by Introducinglive

Plug-ins On Your iPad, iPhone – And on Mac App Store, Too?

Is this article the first sign that we will see really high-class instruments like those from our friends at u-he come to iOS??

Here’s the description from the iOS 9 documentation:

The Audio Unit extension point allows your app to provide musical instruments, audio effects, sound generators, and more for use within apps like GarageBand, Logic, and other Audio Unit host apps. The extension point also brings a full audio plug-in model to iOS and lets you sell Audio Units on the App Store.

Source: Plug-ins On Your iPad, iPhone – And on Mac App Store, Too? – Create Digital Music

BBC News – Training computers to understand the language of music

This is going to put a new spin on the meetings with producers, directors, agency-people and everybody else.

BBC News – Training computers to understand the language of music.

Fun? We`ll see…

Where we’ve been: Macintosh, Midi, and Music 1988

I’ve enjoyed this very much!

▶ The Open Door: Macintosh, Midi, and Music 1988 – YouTube.

Keyswitch instruments in Logic

I’ve set up a couple of transformers to make use of a second keyboard (an Oxygen 8) only as a keyswitch instrument.

Here’s a little video where I show how these are cabled. Don’t forget to cable the last transformer into the actual channel strip that contains your instrument or your Vienna Ensemble.

Please click here to download the Logic Keyswitch Instrument template

Beautiful anime guitar strumming gif



tumblr_mp79yi6hXn1sqdehgo1_500.gif 500×290 pixels.

Written Russian

Here’s our company name in Russian. Although I of course have to rely on what Google Translate gives me…

Is this correct? Or is this a literal translation that doesn’t do justice to the actual (musical) meaning of the words?

Good Loops - Russion

When The Time Is Right

We recently presented ideas for the music to a new TV series. As a part of this we wrote and recorded vocals to a song using one of our loops as the basis.

To get a quick idea of what the scene was: the episode was about a woman being pregnant with a fetus diagnosed with dwarfism. She decides (under pressure from an unrelated medical situation) to terminate the pregnancy. On the operating table she finally realizes that that would mean actually killing the human being that was growing inside her and changes her mind. The song would enter after the decision to accept her and her babies situation and the operation is changed to what is medically necessary to save both her and the child.

Vocals were done by the wonderful Jenny Weisgerber