Christian Kreutzer Foto



Christian is a very busy player in the German pop music scene. He was born in Germany to a South Korean mother and German father and started playing piano at age 7, switching over to guitar at age 13. He’s used his own tuning system on the guitar from the beginning. He holds an audio engineering degree from SAE Berlin and started his own recording studio in 2013.
He’s worked both as a musician and as songwriter with SIDO, BOY, Roman Lob, Lena Meyer Landrut, Christian Durstewitz, Yvonne Catterfeld, Barbara Sch√∂neberger, Kim Fischer, Anthony Thet, Sandhy Sondoro, Adel Tawil, Band ohne Namen, Gregor Meyle,…

Christian is supported by
Hughes & Kettner, Lehle, Voodoo Lab, Planet Waves, D’Addario