A couple of years ago, when my friend Urs from u-he.com released his delay plug-in More Feedback Machine, he showed me the 2 bar loop preset. It’s a pretty simple but very effective idea. You can immediately start jamming and moving things around.

This gave me the idea to build a little 2 bar loop machine inside of Kontakt that can be used to quickly throw together loops. I took my acoustic guitar and recorded some knocks, slaps, scratches and tones. I mapped them to an instrument in Kontakt and added some effects. The download link is at the bottom of the page.


2 Bar Loop Machine - ManualUnfortunately, the maximum delay time in Kontakt is 1 bar, which is too short to have fun with. In order to work around this, you have to turn off “external sync” in Kontakt. Make sure the “Ext” is not yellow. Then set Kontakt internal tempo to half the tempo that you would like to work at.

Use the “Long Delay” switch to temporarily bypass the 2-bar delay. Use this to experiment with the keys and delay/filter/reverb settings. When you feel ready to commit, engage the long delay and play your part!

Please watch the short video demonstration below to see how this instrument can be used.

This whole instrument is open, meaning: you may do with it as you wish. It is meant as a starting point to explore what can be done with this sort of concept.

What I would like to see happen:

  • People making music with these noises and sharing those tracks
  • Replacing of the samples
  • Adding/replacing/improving effects
  • Whatever else people come up with

Short video demonstration:


Click here to download the Good Loops 2 Bar Loop Machine

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