_REN5465Hans Hafner closely works with composer¬†Johnny Klimek and composer/director¬†Tom Tykwer. In the past he has worked with internationally renowned producers Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode) and Christian Lohr (Joss Stone). He has written music for the International Emmy Award nominated children’s crime/thriller show “Allein gegen die Zeit” and the award winning comedy series “Danni Lowinski“.

Hans wrote songs for the long running TV series “The Young And The Restless” and “Days Of Our Lives”. His main focus has always been on capturing that special performance, even in programming music it’s vital to stay away from sounding too much like a machine. Music is a live art and recorded and/or produced music has to reflect that as best as possible.

Even though Hans’ love for handmade music is very deep, he enjoys working with and programming electronic instruments as well and has closely worked with and designed sounds for u-he.com the makers of Zebra, DIVA and other virtual instruments and effect plug-ins.