I created a control surface for DIVA (the other really impressive synth by u-he). Because of its fixed circuitry DIVA actually lends itself a little better to a controller than the modular Zebra2.

Using this controller you can switch between all oscillator, filter and envelope models. So you really almost don’t have to look at the screen at all. The controller is not quite finished (controls for the effects and a lot of the in depth parameters are missing). Because I have to get back to work on “Koslowski + Haferkamp” and “Danni Lowinski” now, I won’t be able to continue building on these controllers for a couple of weeks, but I wanted them to be out there. It would be great if you expanded on them!

Please download your copy from this link.

1 – Main

This panel contains the oscillators, the filters, the envelopes and the most common global parameters.

DIVA - main controls

2 – Modulators

This panel contains the LFOs and will (in future versions) contain the effects as well.

DIVA - modulators

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