Yesterday I finally bought Lemur for iPad and WOW. Creating your own setups is so easy compared to other solutions that I tried in the past. So I created a controller surface for Zebra2 in a couple of hours.

Zebra2 is one of the most versatile and best sounding synths on the market today and my personal go to synth. But since I’m sitting in front of the computer all day anyway and the mouse is such an uninspiring tool to control an instrument, this controller makes it possible to quickly shape and change a patch. And because it’s all done with standard MIDI messages, you can record and edit all values in your sequencer. When composing for television I often have longer stretches of a pattern that needs a little bit of variation and with this controller I can now quickly jump to the right parameter, hit record and move the control. Before I had to dig down the automation menu and find the parameter in question… lots of tedious mouse clicks. Or make sure the ModWheel is mapped to the one parameter that I want to use for variation at the moment.

Please download your copy from this link.

The panels:

1 – Main

01 Zebra2 controller for Lemur - Main

This panel contains the XY-pads that are so useful for soundshaping as well as controls for the Envelopes and basic controls for the LFOs.

2 – Filters

The controls for the VCFs and the XMFs that are contained in the synthesis grid are on this panel.

02 Zebra2 controller for Lemur - Filters

3 – OSC

Controls for the basic parameters of the oscillators (OSC) and the FM oscillators (FMO)

03 Zebra2 controller for Lemur - OSC

4 – FX

This panel contains the controls for the effects (shaper, sideband, distortion) in the synthesizer grid.

04 Zebra2 controller for Lemur - FX

 5 – Global FX and 6 – Global FX 2

Global FX contains controls for the effects (Chorus, Delay, Reverb, shaper, distortion, sideband) in the global grid.

05 Zebra2 controller for Lemur - Global FX

06 Zebra2 controller for Lemur - Global FX 2

 7 – Mix

Allows for easy access to the volume controls of both the synths lanes in the grid as well as the output mix. This panel also contains controls for Glide.

07 Zebra2 controller for Lemur - Mix

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